About Us

We are both moms and athletes. Having been through the transition of pregnancy and postpartum ourselves, we know there is a huge need when it comes to both education and quality fitness opportunities for moms in Santa Cruz. We want to provide a space where moms can exercise safely and effectively without judgement and with respect for the transformation they are going through. This includes women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, newly postpartum or even 20 years postpartum. Our classes meet the needs of all moms throughout all stages coming from all levels of fitness experience. Too often women find themselves unable to workout because they are “too pregnant” or injured because they tried to return to what they did before baby too quickly and without proper guidance. We aim to fix this. In addition to holding classes, we want to increase the knowledge of our personal trainer and coach community to provide a better and more knowledgable service to moms in all gyms throughout Santa Cruz County.

Jenny Putt PT, OCS, FAFS, CMP, CF-L1

Jenny Putt owns her own physical therapy practice on the westside. She is an orthopedic specialist who has been in practice for almost 10 years. Jenny became a pelvic physical therapist two years ago and now, as a mom of a one year old herself, she has become more and more invested in both educating and serving the mothers of Santa Cruz County. This year Jenny became a BIRTHFIT professional and is currently in the process of completing the Brianna Battles pregnancy and postpartum athleticism online training. In addition to her physical therapy business Jenny works at Santa Cruz high school as the athletic trainer and holds workshops at Luma Yoga Studio. In the past she has provided trainer education workshops at Paradigm and she used to teach mobility classes and movement workshops at what was formerly known as Studio 831. 

Jenny Lau, CF-L3

Jenny Lau has almost a decade of experience training people of all backgrounds. She has completed the BIRTHFIT Coaches course, DNS Exercise course and numerous CrossFit seminars including Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Football, Endurance, Strongman, Mobility, Gymnastics, Aerobic Capacity, Masters, Kids, and Adaptive training. Jenny is currently in the process of getting a Bachelors in Kinesiology. For the past six years Jenny was the solo manager of the CrossFit HQ gym. She has also coached for CrossFit West and Watsonville as well as coached and programmed for CrossFit Up and Pajaro Valley. Jenny is a mom herself and has a passion for health and fitness.

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